New ‘buy-sell’ page added to website

By Don Ward

(April 2014) – On this 15th anniversary of the RoundAbout Entertainment Guide, we have decided to update a website that we created and launched in 2005 dedicated to the memory and history of the late author and artist Harlan Hubbard. In addition, the website includes all the Hubbard-related stories by RoundAbout and notices of events that have occurred regionally since the website initially launched.

Our Internet website has been popular with both fans and newcomers to the story of Harlan and Anna Hubbard, who lived for 34 years along the riverbank in Trimble County, Ky. There, Harlan wrote in his journals, painted his many landscapes and riverboat scenes, and the couple lived off the land, with no electricity or running water.

Hundreds of people over the years traversed the one-mile path down the hill or arrived by boat to visit the Hubbards and get a brief taste of the simple life. Philosophers wrote about them. College professors discussed their beliefs and lifestyles in their classrooms. Students, young and old, visited and learned from them and were often entertained by them, Anna at her grand piano and Harlan with his violin.

Anna died in 1986; Harlan died two years later in 1988. But their legacy lives on, both in Harlan’s books and paintings. Our website captures much of the story of the Hubbards in words and photos and voice recordings. We have received dozens of emails over the years from website visitors wanting to know more or asking how to buy or sell their Hubbard paintings.

So this month, we have added a new feature to the website – a “Buy and Sell” page to list paintings for sale. They do not have to be Hubbard paintings, but it is hoped that this can become a marketplace for Hubbard’s work, since no other such place exists.

Whether or not you are in the market to buy or sell paintings, we invite you to visit the website to read all the stories and view the many paintings – many of them still locally available for public viewing in area churches, banks and at Hanover College.

Enjoy the website and also visit our newspaper’s website – – to read current and past stories in our Story Archives. You can also search past stories in the RoundAbout by keyword.

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