Ohio River Valley Folk Festival

Harlan Hubbard artwork
to be highlighted at Folk Festival

Exhibit will include his violin, photos of Hubbard and wife

Staff Report

(May 2009) – The Rivers Institute at Hanover College is planning a Folk Festival exhibit highlighting the works of the late Trimble County, Ky., artist Harlan Hubbard. The institute is working with Madison resident Paul Hassfurder to create and educational opportunity for the community on the Hubbard’s and their lifestyle, according to the instititue’s Marissa A. Austin. The exhibit will include some of Hubbard’s art work, his violin, his wife Anna’s knitting and sheet music, and many photos.

Hassfurder has loaned many photographs for the exhibit. In addition to the Folk Festival, the Hubbard exhibit will also be set up June 8 at Arts Day, part of the Madison Bicentennial Celebration, which takes place June 6-14.

The Rivers Institute at Hanover College uses river environments to educate current and future students and the general public about environmental issues through the natural and social sciences, the arts, and the humanities.

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