Regional Artists

As part of the mission of this website, we want to promote artists and art centers in the region around Madison, Ind. Following is a list of art club members in the region. If they have personal websites, they are linked. Those who have been featured in the RoundAbout Entertainment Guide are linked to those stories online at RoundAbout Madison.

Madison Art Club (Madison, IN)
(Members as of 10-20-05)

Anderson, Elise; Madison, IN
Anderson, Randy; Madison, IN
Andrews, Berniece "Bea"; Scottsburg, IN
Beach, Janet; Hanover, IN
Bellamy, Dona E.; Madison, IN
Borden, William E.; Hanover, IN
Cable, Wilma "Joy"; Milton, KY
Campbell, Jan; Madison, IN
Carlson, Kevin R.; Madison, IN
Caudill, Karen; Madison, IN
Coates, Mildred; Madison, IN
Conner, Marjorie K.; Madison, IN
Conrad, Jane P.; Westport, KY
Cooper, Delana; Scottsburg, IN
Creech, Mike B.; Lexington, KY
Croxton, Kristen; Hanover, IN
Crozier, Gayle H.; Madison, IN
Cullen, Barbara; Rising Sun, IN
Davis, Harold "Hal"; Hanover, IN
Davis, Yvonne S.; Hanover, IN
DeVito, Jane; Madison, IN
DeVore, Ronald G.; Perry Park, KY
Dornbusch, Nancy E.; Vevay, IN
Drake, Richard; Madison, IN
Dunagan, Lucinda L.; Madison, IN
Duncan, Christina "Chris”; Madison, IN
Featherstone, Lee; Lexington, IN
Gunter, Frank E.; Madison, IN
Hardesty-Gray, Stacy L.; Madison, IN
Hassfurder, Paul A.; Madison, IN
Heazlitt, Holly A.; Sellersburg, IN
Hellmann, Stephanie A.; Madison, IN
Hendrickson, Paul D.; Flatrock, IN
Hulman, Jeanette M.; Madison, IN
Jackson, Rimiko; Madison, IN
Johnson, Sarah M.; Salem, IN
Kramer, Virginia; Dillsboro, IN
Lewis, Judith; Seymour, IN
Ligon, Marguerite L.; Hanover, IN
Livingston, Marlene; Aurora, IN
Lopez, Carolyn; Madison, IN


Mayberry, Shirley S.; Madison, IN
Mellencamp, Marilyn J.; Seymour, IN
McCollum, Gene; Madison, IN
McCollum, Luke; Madison, IN
McComb, Melinda A.; Madison, IN
McCutcheon, Jeanne; Maryville, IN
Miller, Susan "Sue"; Madison, IN
Moore, Shauna K.; Nashville, IN
Mowery, Ronald O.; Madison, IN
Muessel, Sarah "Sally"; Madison, IN
Mullenax, Sharon; Indianapolis, IN
O'Connor, Mary Jo; Madison, IN
O'Dell, Robert; Ladoga, IN
Patrick, Mark K.; Indianapolis, IN
Quatroke, Rosanne J.; Salem, IN
Reveal, Rodney; Arcadia, IN
Richert, Geri M.; Madison, IN
Ripley, Jennifer; Versailles, IN
Rudolech, Lawrence; Hanover, IN
Russell, Charlie; Indianapolis, IN
Rybak, Barbara J.; Madison, IN
Saueressig, Robert H.; Madison, IN
Salamone, Charles R.; Madison, IN
Schowe, Ralph L.; Jeffersonville, IN
Schrader, Michael E.; Seymour, IN
Searcy, Phyllis Ann; Madison, IN
Seidel, Carolyn A.; Madison, IN
Seville, Vesta; Indianapolis, IN
Shepherd, Dorothy "Dottie"; Lexington, IN
Smith, Elle; Madison, IN
Standiford, Alice Arnell; Scottsburg, IN
Sparks, Laurel V.; Madison, IN
Sprunger, Warren; Madison, IN (Deceased)
Stowe, Ralph L. (Sharon O.); Jeffersonville, IN
Strohl, Theresa J.; Hanover, IN
Taylor, Elreno "Reno"; Lexington, IN
Taylor, Karen M.; Madison, IN
Taylor, Stephen; Madison, IN
Watters, Margaret "Peggy" Moores; Hill, IN
Wingham, Lillie; Madison, IN
Yarnetsky, Darlene; Madison, IN


Trimble County
Arts Council

(Members as of 10-20-05)

Stuart Clem Bedford, KY
Vickie Eldridge Milton, KY
Frankie Gough La Grange, KY
Betsy Gonterman Campbellsburg, KY
Lisa Hatfield Pendleton, KY
Deanna Ralston Bedford, KY
Lucille B. Hancock Bedford, KY
Charles Egerton Newport, KY
Jim Nuss Bedford, KY
Penny Pennybaker Milton, KY
Libby Powell Bedford, KY
Judith Shields Bedford, KY
Robin Welty Bedford, KY
Darren Pike Bedford, KY
Lynn Horine Bedford, KY
Julie E. Brent Campbellsburg, KY


Oldham County
Arts Association

104 East Main St.
La Grange, KY 40031
(502) 222-3822


Southeastern Indiana
Friends of the Arts

201 Main St., Rising Sun, IN
(812) 438-9900 •

(Artists in Residents as of 10-20-05)

Oscar River
Jim Rauth
Debby Abrams
Ronald Schunk
Donna Ashley
Connie Beckett
Marge Beinkemper
David Hewitt
Debi Black
Brenda Diehl
Shirley Smith
Herbert Herrick
James Salmon
Gail Ginther
Cheryl Reninger
Marianne Wiggers
DeVere Burt
Ruth Green
Joyce Tull
Debby Abrahams
Peggy Watters
Jan West
Olinka Broadfoot
Joyce Tull
Jodie Cole
Andrea Grimsley
Jim Murray



Madison Art Club Gallery
301 E. Main St., Madison, IN
(812) 265-3135, Ext. 251

Studio Gallery
118 W. Main St., Vevay, IN
(812) 427-2103

Pendleton Art Center
201 Main St., Rising Sun, IN
(812) 438-9900

Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
2001 N. Ewing St., Seymour, IN
(812) 522-2278

Arts Council of Southern Indiana
820 E. Market St., New Albany, IN
(812) 949-4238



Trimble County Arts Council Exhibits
At the Trimble County Public Library’s Conference Room, 112 Hwy. 42 E., Bedford, KY
(502) 255-7362 or call the Arts Council’s
Vickie Eldridge at (502) 732-0345

Oldham County Arts Center
7105 Floydsburg Rd., Crestwood, KY
(502) 225-0900


“Arts on the Green,”
La Grange, Ky. (Juried). Organized by
Oldham County Arts Association.
(502) 241-1006 or Judy Wegenast at (502) 243-9879

Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art

(Juried). Organized by the Madison Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Madison Chautauqua.
(812) 265-2956 or 1-800-559-2956

Madison Art Club’s Regional Art Show.
Organized by the Madison Art Club.
(812) 265-3135, Ext. 251