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WONDER: The Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard

Kentucky Digital Library's Hubbard Collection

University of Louisville Hubbard Books Collection

University of Louisville Archives

Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library Harlan Hubbard Image Collection

University of Kentucky Art Library's Hubbard painting collection

University of Kentucky Art Library's Hubbard exhibit

Kentucky Educational Television's program, "Kentucky Life" segment

University of Kentucky Press (publisher of Hubbard books)

Friends of the Hubbards (occasional newsletter),
Hanover College, Robert Rosenthal, (812) 866-7216.

Hanover College's Hubbard art collection, Hanover, IN.
Hubbard in February 1986 donated 13 paintings to the college.
Private collector Fred Brock, a 1966 Hanover College graduate,
in October 1995 added to the collection by donating three of his
oil paintings to Hanover College. All 16 paintings are available for
public viewing in the Conference Room of the Brown Campus
Center. Inquire at the front desk. (812) 866-7011.

Hanover Colleges Duggan Library Archives
(Small Hubbard collection of correspondence and student project work),
Hanover, IN. (812) 866-7164. Contact: Jaleh Fazelian.

Behringer Crawford Museum.
Hubbard donated 21 paintings, 6 woodcuts and 11 watercolors. Since his
initial donation, the museum has received other donations for a total of 23
paintings, 38 woodcuts and 11 watercolors in its collection. The museum
does not have the whole collection on display, but if people would like to
make an appointment to see those that are not out, the staff is happy to
accomodate them. Devou Park, 1600 Montague, Covington, KY 41011.
(859) 491-4003. Contact: Laurie Risch.

University of Louisville Archives and Records Center (Hubbard collection)
at the Ekstrom Library, Louisville, KY 40292. (502) 852-6674.

University of Kentucky Art Library, 4 King Library N., Lexington, KY.
A slide collection of Hubbard paintings. (859) 257-4908. Contact Meg Shaw.

Anna and Harlan Hubbard School of Living,
208 W. Clinton St., Frankfort, IN 46041. (765) 654-8746.
Contact: Florence Fowler Caddell.

Paul Hassfurder, 111 Hubbard Lane, Milton, KY 40045.

Conducted by historian Joanne Weeter in 1987, one year before his death, these transcripts are posted online at the Kentuckiana Digital Library at the University of Louisville Oral History Center, Louisville, Ky.

The following 11 interviews were conducted at Payne Hollow in 1987.

The interviews concern Hubbard’s life and career as a naturalist, writer and painter. Hubbard discusses his childhood, his family, the factors that influenced his writings, art and lifestyle, plus his thoughts on his wife Anna Eikenhout Hubbard, his religious beliefs and his thoughts about how he will be remembered, plus much more.

June 15, 1987 June 29, 1987 July 14, 1987 July 8, 1987
July 14, 1987 August 17, 1987 Sept. 24, 1987 Sept. 24, 1987
Sept. 28, 1987 Sept. 28, 1987 Oct. 1, 1987